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A lot of posts are made asking some basic questions that have been covered numerous times. This post is to make an attempt at correlating them into one post as much as possible to assist other AC fans out there in finding their answers.

First things first. Creating a new thread:
1. If after you have read through this post and you still do not have an answer, when creating a new post, include the year, model, size of your machine, and any Mods you have.
2. Include Details:
a. The problems you are having
b. How they started
c. What you did beforehand
d. Everything you have done to troubleshoot your issue(s).
3. Do not hi-jack other threads. Create your own.
4. READ through the threads entirely.
5. If you’re asking for help, do what is recommended and then report back your findings. This way we can further assist you.
6. If you figured out your problem, post the results for those who come behind you with the same issues. That’s how you’re being helped so pass it along.

There are several great write-ups on this site that a lot of users are not reading. It is imperative that you read through these articles as they will 99% of the time answer your questions and resolve your issues. If they do not, utilize the Search Forums box and read up what you can find that relates to your issues.
I’d like to cover some of these write-ups and some basics if I may. Hopefully I can get these all into one article for everyone.

Go through the Pinned Articles: (that’s where 90% of these are anyways)
Pinned Topics - - Arctic Cat Forum

Arctic Cat Service Manuals and Diagrams:
"K&T Parts House Lawn Mower Parts and Chain Saw & Trimmer Parts"
All terrain ect.. repair/service manuals - - Arctic Cat Forum
Technical Information - ATV Wiring Diagrams

Electrical issues:
1. Check voltage at battery with load on it.
2. Check all fuses and relays.
3. Check grounds.
4. Use the service manual and go through the electrical section, it tells you how to troubleshoot and find your problem.
6. Engine Error Codes:

Fuel/Air issues
1. How old is the gas? Change it.
2. Clean gas tank out.
3. Make sure your vent hose is not pinched or kinked anywhere.
4. Add in-line fuel filter if you don’t have one.
5. Clean the carburetor, and then clean it again
a. Make sure you put your jets back in the right places
b. Ensure there is no damage to any rubber components and that they are seated properly.
c. Take your time.
6. Read these articles if you are having jet kit or carb issues:
c. Check float level:
d. Understand you carb:
7. Check your rubber housings on both sides of the carb for leaks or cracks.
8. How old is your air filter and does it need changed/cleaned?
9. Check your spark plug condition. Does it need changed?
10. Auto Choke Issues:
11. Fuel Pump: Fuel Pump Instructions.pdf

Flywheel and Magnets issues:

Words of advice…. Keep bleeding and ensure you burnish your brakes.

Diffs (differentials), Axles, Boots:

TPS Throttle Position Sensor Setting:


Setting Valve Lash How to:

1. Oil
2. Oil Filter
3. Spark Plug
4. Air Filter
5. Fuel Filter
6. Clean carb
7. Flush coolant system (if applicable)
8. Flush brake fluid
9. Replace front and rear diff fluid
10. Charge/Replace battery as needed


Exhaust Mod:

Carb Mod - Air-Slide Vacuum Hole Drilling:

Tires and their Weights:

More Mods:

Please, if there’s anything I should add, let me know and I’ll edit the thread as needed. Thank you. :lol:

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Nice job ! I will sticky this. I will send you a few more
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