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I have a 2002 and 2003 Montain Cats, both are 600 with EFI and I love the sleds.
the last time I took the 02 out, I noticed the throttle would stick occasionally. If I let up and then hit the gas, it would be OK.
Upon checking for the problem, I noticed the rod that goes from the throttle bodies, to the oil pump, had fallen off the ball on the oil pump lever.
Thankfully the oil pump lever went full open, so no engine damage was done.
I ordered the plastic piece that clamps over the ball, and when I installed it, it fell off like the old one.
I checked an exploded view, and there is no clip or anything to help hold it on the ball.
What gives? I can't believe the plastic end wore down the steel or brass ball, that it snaps over.
Is there a fix for this, as I can't order just the lever for the oil pump., though I'm sure that isn't the problem.
I know the earlier EFI's had a cable to the oil pump, but my 02 and 03 have the rod.
Are there any updates or recalls about this? I don't want to have to worry about it, as it's a bugger to get at, without removing the air box.
Any help will be appreciated. :sos:
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