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Rigid Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of off-road LED lights for all kinds of machines, was established in 2006. The company produces powerful, efficient, and durable spotlights, floodlights, light bars, and other lighting devices equipped with patented optics systems responsible for putting light beams exactly where you need it.

Today, you can save up to 31% when purchasing any products by Rigid Industries for your Arctic Cat, including lenses, housings, brackets, mounts, wiring and more. The prices are already reduced. Be sure to get your new “eye-melters” until November 30.

Rigid Industries® - D-SS Series Pro 3" LED Lights at

Rigid Industries® - E-Series Pro Dual Row LED Light Bar at

Rigid Industries® - Dual Row Spot Beam LED Light Bar at

Click on the first image to go to the full Rigid Industries catalog. Other images will lead to corresponding product pages.
With off-road LED lights by Rigid, you will put the beam exactly where you need it with minimum scattering losses.​
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