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Thu January 25, 2007 - 11:28 PM .. 0 minutes ago.
Glen Mallory
City: LAWRENCEVILLE PA Tioga county
Phone: 570-371-4667 NEW

The POTTER COUNTY SNOWMOBILE CLUB NEAR COUDERSPORT PA,is having their Snow-Deo this Saturday, at their clubhouse in Potter County PA. A few PVSC members have been invited to show some vintage sleds there. We are trying to drum up some interest in a full blown winter show there next year. So this is a kick the tires deal. Show up around 10 AM and hang out till around 3 pm. No official show, just meet and greet the host club members and teach the kids a little history. This place is very significant for PA sled history. They have an oval track that is now closed, but still there. (HINT HINT.) At one time ESRA ran here several times a year. Before that it was USSA. This club is a few miles out from Coudersport PA, just off route 49. I think it is between Ulysses and Colesburg. Just watch for the signs along the road. There is a sign visible from the road on the south shoulder (Left) as you go west towards Coudersport. Follow that road out to the club house. No admission fee, no judging since this is a last minute deal. They should have some snow there, not a lot but enough to play in the fields, maybe more if we get extra before Saturday. If you need more direction and want to participate, let me know. We'd like to get some members or friends out there. Thanks to Mark Elwell for spearheading this idea. I'll be showing vintage sled movies from the back of my van. As cold as it is now, maybe we should call that the "Frostbite Drive Inn" Show. Please call me at either 570-371-4667 Friday Night or 607-974-9247 Friday from 8-4 pm and leave a message on my office phone. We'll get you there.

PS: There are two ways to get to the club house. The one I know is the Route 49 entrance. Their club website is at . I think they have another road in from Route 6. Check out their website for more details. This is North Central PA, they will have some snow. It's pretty close to the NY border, if you want to get an idea where it's at.
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