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Bummer. I was hoping that we could find something simple besides using scratchers on the problem machines.

I have noticed the same with higher speeds. It is a little surprising that it helps on the straights.
I'm still trying little tweeks myself. It is a pain with the sleds that struggle to stay cool. I wish I could say that it is strictly chassis or engine related. I've had many Crossfires and even ran a long track Twin Spar without ever having problems. Chassis and engine does not appear to be the only difference. Although, it does factor to some extent, there is something else at play.

The Procross chassis seems to be finicky with cooling.
Here is an example with the current rides. Three machines and one that continues to struggle with cooling.
2018, '19, and '20 sleds with 800 engines and 137" track. The '18 and '20 run normal temps with the occasional high temp in low snow. The 2019 continues to run high temps.
All three sleds run the same trails side by side and riders swapped often for testing.
The 2019 always had problems. Big guys on this sled helped get better temps, but it still runs hotter. It is also difficult to cool when everything is heat soaked. I swapped in a better cooling track early. It helped some. Maybe a 5-10 degrees in good snow. The sled had a motor replacement at 2,100 miles. The water pump and thermostat were replaced on the new motor after 800 miles of insane temps. It brought temps closer to normal, but still much higher than the other machines. Fuel selection helps some if right on the threshold. Tried clutching, bigger tunnel flares, dupont hyfax, and extra idler wheels on this sled. Also ran with and without tunnel bags for testing. It just runs hotter.
There is one kicker to this whole deal. Can't quite figure out exactly how, but the 2019 machine uses considerably less fuel. It runs almost identical rpms as the '18 and '20 all day long and usually takes a gallon less fuel per fill. Throwing around the idea of trying to add fuel just to see if it works. Does less fuel make it run hotter, or does running hotter take less fuel? Who knows?
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