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Show me someone who says Wiseco pistons are not the best and I'll show you someone who knows very little about pistons.[/b]
all depends on the application,, I strongly recommend not using seizcos in sleds, especially with some of the mfr's goofy cooling systems limitations/capabilities these days,, full warm up or not, the cast (closer tolerances allowed), more ''forgiving'' characteristics in o.e.m. type slugs are more suitable for sleds,, and the whopper is the thin ''christmas tree tinsel'' type rings and their ****ty low tension (''non-long life''self sealing rings that go south a little into their ''life'') and the tendency for them to become ''barrel faced'' from the looser tolerances required with wisecos that allows them to rock in the cyls until up to temp,, now give me a set of custom wisecos with grooves cut for o.e.m. rings (like hi-perf engineering used to do with arctics 650's) and then it's another ball game IMO, those rings has tensile strength and will keep tension on the walls and seal so much better,,
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