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pics of new snorkle setup

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I got tired of my airbox leaking so I yanked it out and made the whole snorkle out of pvc. I came off the rubber carb boot and I put my filter on top of my snorkle. Had to go up 1 size in main jet and richen my needle to the 5th notch think I got it right on now. It was a booger to get the jettin right. I could get it to run perfect in the mud under a load at WOT, but soon as I did a WOT run down the road it would run lean. Went up on the main jet and it would run rich and sputter under a load in the mud at WOT, but run fine on the road. Its almost like the filter on top is acting like ram air and forcing to much air into the carb at high speeds and making it run lean. Don't do too much fast driving so hopefully it will be fine. I made a shield for it to block some of the air and in case it rains. Dont seem like its got anymore power than it did with the airbox in it but it wont leak now. I took it pretty deep and not a drop. Didn't get no pictures I was by myself but here are some of the snorkle.


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what is that hose coming in on the side?[/b]
Crankcase vent, I didnt want to run it up to my snorkle and put a filter on it so I just vented it into the snorkle itself.
Next things a trolling motor :D
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