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Here's the link:George Washington & Jefferson National Forests - Peters Mill Run/Taskers Gap OHV System

Went here yesterday with two of my sons. We stuck to the Taskers Gap side. I was on my '99 AC 500, my sons had Honda Fourtrax 300s. We hit about 16+ miles of trails. Most of the trails we covered were on the rocky side. We didn't encounter any trails that were not passable with the 2wd TRX 300s and we went on a few marked most difficult. Don't get me wrong, they were pretty tough for the Fourtrax but I walked thru them with little problem. There were numerous waterholes to splash thru but no mud to speak of. Needless to say these trails are not Sport ATV friendly. You really need the ground clearance of a utility or at least something along the lines of a Lakota-type ATV.
Now to my only complaint, the trail markers. Maps can be printed from the website and are detailed with numbers marking each trail. The only problem is that the trails are not marked with the same numbers. At each trail head is the same downloadable map from the site nailed to a tree with the marking that says "You are here". The map also has a compass in the upper right corner but no matter where you are on the trail somehow you are always facing North. Although it would be very hard to "get lost" because eventually the trail will lead to the parking lot.
All in all I would rate this trail a 5 (0=lousy, 5=fun) and for only $5/day per rider you can't beat the price.
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