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Quite a while back, I had a belt slippage issue with my H1, was running down a lake in fairly deep snow... Long story short, I figured I cooked the belt... I finally got around to taking it apart last night, and found, that while my belt was fine, I have a nicely cooked clutch... The plastic outers on the rollers were all melted, and the guides the cover slides on were melted too... OOPS... LOL. I knew something was up as I lost my top end, high range was functioning much like low, and low was all but useless.
So, looks like I need to get me a Speedwerx clutch kit... I had been tossing around the idea anyway, but, well, that decision has been made for me... LOL
I may as well go ahead and pipe, snorkel and jet while I'm at it... LOL
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