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Hey guys-

I had the sled running awesome. I was so excited that I took a 5 hour trip up to Hurley, WI. Might I mention, the trails were in the best shape EVER!

We had a great time for about 2 hours. Then, as I thought the day was going well, my buddies Ski Doo broke a track. We were deep into the woods, so I figured he could hop on the back of my sled for a short ride back. Well the sled didnt like this much weight. My track then ended up ripping. My track is studded. When the track ripped one of the studs was hanging and put a hole in the heat exchanger, both in the front and the back.

I have a Ski Doo sitting around here, I was wondering if the heat exchanger would work out of that? Anyone know if this is a good or bad idea? If not, I guess I'll bust down and buy the new one for a horrid price.

I'll post the whole experience I had in Hurley shortly, it's an interesting story!!!

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