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Hey guys - just looking for some troubleshooting advice. I've seen quite a few posts on this subject but wanted to get some more details if possible. I've got a 02 mountain cat 800 (carb) with 3,000 miles. I just did a top end rebuild and my compression went from 110 to 130. Last year I only rode it for one weekend, but I do recall the plugs being black and dealing with this issue before, so I feel it's either the carb settings or something to do with the oil pump. I cleaned and replaced the carb gaskets and jets last year, but I'm about to take it apart again to double check and set to factory standards. I've seen some posts on checking the throttle cable to oil pump and making sure it lines up. I originally didn't understand but based on the pics I took below, I think I get it. I guess my question is, what order and how should I best trouble shoot the issue? Important to note that I have oil dripping from y pipe at idle speed after warming up for 4-5 minutes tops. I'm pretty certain the plugs would foul if I ran it hard for a while, which is what happened last year.


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