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oil blowby 1049 4 stroke

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I have an ongoing issue with my 2019 Pantera 7000 LTD. Since new I keep finding engine oil dripping from my lower body panels when operating at higher speeds. As time goes by, the leaks slowdown. When back home I pull the airbox and find it soaked in oil. Obviously it is coming from the valve case breather hose. I clean it up, check my oil, (which is always at full or just below) and go ride again. The same problem again. This has been going on since I bought sled new in 2019. One dealer thought I had a cracked oil case and changed it under warranty. That was not the problem. I do all my own servicing. I am well aware not to overfill when changing oil. Typically I put in 3 litres, run until fan comes on, check level and add about half a litre more. has anybody else had this issue and if so, were you able to fix it. I am at a loss. One thing, my steering rods, belly pan and other components will never rust away. Well oiled. Look forward to your posts.

60 years of sledding and still going strong.
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Thanks 3-D. Didn't know there was a ball in there. What is the purpose? Like in an aerosol paint can? The oil is almost like water being synthetic and 0-20.
Just got back from a 700 mile (1100 Km) trip in northern Ontario. Sled ran aces as usual AND as usual, oil leaking out from belly pan. Just pulled air box and once again, drenched in oil. Does not seem to use any oil and like blood, a little oil spray will go a long way. 3-D talked about the tank oil separator and shaking to see if the ball which stops oil from going into air box is free. Okay. My question now is - can 3-D explain where amongst all the piping and main oil tank (attached to chain case) is the oil tank separator? I am totally pissed at this problem. This is the best sled I have owned and I have owned a bunch going way back to the 60s. Could tear down a free air in the bush and replace pistons and rings within an hour. But this problem is driving me nuts.
Further to my above post, looking closely at the oil tank and tubing, it appears the aluminum tube from a small black box located behind an aluminum cover (next to muffler) is the responsible part for dripping or blowing oil into airbox which then is ingested into throttle bodies with air and/or then leaks down to bottom of air box and drips into body and eventually out onto ground. This black box, is that the oil tank separator that 3-D talks about? If so, is there a schematic of the inside so I can get sense what is happening here? There are other tubes running from top of oil tank into this box and then also into the engine as well as the tube I have described going into the air box. Before I start tearing into these parts I would like to have an idea what they all do. Thanks for any help.
Now I am thinking of trading up to the new ST-GP turbo with EPS.

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Just finished checking all the tubes for obstructions. Nothing. Checked the oil separator box that 3-D talked about. Little ball or whatever is rattling around in there nicely. Initially I thought the blow by was coming from the tube from that box into the airbox. However upon closer inspection when I had everything apart, there is no oil residue in that tube. I'm baffled. Guess whenever I come back from a trip, I will pull airbox, clean up the oily residue etc and call it a day. Sled works perfectly continuously and has never let me down anywhere. She is all buttoned up again. Was going to change oil and filter but will wait till April to be sure my riding is not over yet. AND may possibly end up with a new GT or Sidewinder. I do like the extra tank on the GT though. If anyone does have any other ideas, I am all ears.. Enjoy your rides. Life is short.

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