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Well, today i was ridding my 2007 klx110 in the little court and what do you know somebody had enough balls to call the cops. Yeah it was like -40 but worth it. I asked him who it was that called me in, he said i cant tell you because you may go and vandalize there property. so then i said ok w/e. Then i asked what was the complaint about, he said noise i said ok. Then I go i can only get it into 2nd gear (has3) but i wasnt wide open in second gear. But then i said im going to start it up so you can hear how load it is. so i took it back out into the court and put in second gear. Then the cop goes is it really tha quiet or did you do something to it. I said no. Well after proving him wrong he raised his voice and said. I can wright you up for no headligh taillight reg and the list goes on. But he said glade to see you wearing a helemt. I was like yeah helmets are good. So he went on his way and all was good. But what im pissed about it why would somebody call me in on Superbowl sunday ?? must have to much time on there hands. So all is good and cops these days are dicks. oh not to mechion i got called up for a fourwheeler being to load so after that guy called me in i ran staight header on it and let me tell you. you could hear that thing in town. Dumb cops !! oh yeah got yelled at by the cops for shooting a bbgun at the targets next to the shed. and driving my snowmobile around the courts. The cops know me pretty good. Oh yeah and again Dumb cops

sorry for this being so long, 09[/b]
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...can i ask what about my attidtude ?? what did i do wrong ???[/b]
Saying things like "Dumb cops", "Cops these days are dicks" shows your attitude right there. There's more in your first post that reveals a lot about you.

Cops are just people doing their jobs. A very difficult job when you think of the folks they have to deal with and accept as part of the job. If you can understand that, you might respect them as much as I do.

In most cases, people have the choice in their own hands about going through life with great difficulty or if life goes along smoothly. You don't realize it now, but you will when you're older.

Experience is the teacher that's always too late.
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