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octane light

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I have a stock crossfire 2011 800 HO, and the octane light keeps lightning up. I know there is a reflash for the 2012 800 mapping but here is the thing. I bought this sled used and i called a local dealer to ask about the recall and they told me, according to my VIN its already have a reflash! It was to my understanding that reflash should had fixed this? Its very sensitive, is there anything i could do instead of using ****** octane booster??
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My son had a knock sensor problem in his 1100 turbo. We tried High Octane gas - no change. We replaced knock sensor - no change. We took the sled to Thomas Sno Sports in Ogilvie, MN. They found a lead wire for the knock sensor loose and bouncing on some metal - causing the signal. They secured the wire with zip ties - problem solved.
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