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i'm sure these things have been gone over before, but i cant seem to find them.
i have a 2011 Z1 LXR and it seems the seat heat works intermittently.
on the last ride hand warmers felt the same as the seat.
odd thing was they seemed to work in the rougher parts of the trail
could it be a bad ground?
lights and gauges all work fine,are they on a different circut?
ECU 25 with the wrench, when i shift into reverse to back off the trailer i don't get the "R" icon or beeper.
shift back to forward and get the 25 code w/wrench.
i do a little 2-5 min. warm up ride at low speed then if i shift in and out of reverse a few times until the beeper works the code and wrench goes away?
this is a Diamond Drive. is the oil too thick? does it need to warm up before shifting right?

any help or comments appreciated
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