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NOT a Happy Camper!!

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Guys and girls,
I am 45 years old and have been into snowmobiling since I was a kid, except for about 18 years there where we were raising our kids and couldn't afford one. Of course, that is when we had all the crazy snow depth winters! I remember coming home from working the night shift and spending like 5 hours in my drive3way cleaning it so I could put my squad car in the yard. We had snowfalls in the mid 90's of 12, 16, 18 and 20 inches in one year!! That one year we had a total of like 80 to 90 inches of snow! That isn't a ton if you are in the Great Lakes snowbelt, but down here iin the middle of the State it was! I am now officially beginning to get depressed about our lack of snow. States all around us are getting it and all we freakin get is rain and fog! Then, to top it off, my wife and I each bought a newer sled for ourselves for this winter. Now, they have been sitting outside on the damn trailer for two months getting rained on. This is getting ridiculous. Don't anybody say a damn thing to me about global warming. The Earth is warmer, but the Sun is also a ton warmer than it ever has been in recorded history. The Earth is cleaner today than it was when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s. I know as I have seen it get better. Rivers that were gobbed full of crap are now great fisheries. Smoke stacks are emitting far less crap and yet we in WI cannot have a decent winter. Sorry to ramble but I am pissed!! Somebody send us snow please. :sno: :sno: :sledder: :sledder: :sno: :sno: :nosnow: :blizzard: :blizzard:
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Amen to that! I remember those snow storms also. I remember skipping classes from college, rushing home, and spinning out of control on HWY 35 trying to get to my sled in OCT '91. We got over 36 inches of snow.

Pretty much no snow now in DLH. I hope it will come soon to the midwest!


P.S. Any nice bucks taken around Marshfield this year? It's a great area to hunt!
As for the bucks, this is the second year in a row that I didn't see a buck of any size in the woods! It was either fest or famine in this area. Those who saw big bucks saw several and those who didn't saw none, or a 2 second window on one. Took a large doe instead this year. Ready to give that sport up as well, since we never seem to do as well anymore. Plus, I can work OT for those who hunt and buy Angus beef with the proceeds!
Just becoming a Grumpy Old Man, I guess!!
Right now it is raining and foggy as hell. I am pissed!
I don't have money in a new or newer sled but I do have a Wildcat that I have done allot of work to, to make it run and look nice. Its bad enough not to have snow, but last year and so far this year its been to warm to have the radar runs at Waverly Beach so I can't even go and run it a few times and ride on the lake. I am about ready to sell the thing, but being a 94 I probably won't get much for it, and who would buy it when its in the 40s for day time temps. I hear it might make 50 tomorrow.

We are going on a cruise and will be gone for 10 days so that won't help me to get in the winter mode if we even have winter this year.

I am building a garden tractor for pulling over the winter, so I have something to keep me busy and not thinking about no snow. At least with the warm weather it don't take much to get the shop warm enough to work on my tractor.
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This really sucks...Seems every 7 day outlook on the weather is never getting colder and stays around high 30s to high 40s this sucks.....we just got 2 newer sleds and then its like this and never changes...its depressing........ bang your head
You basically just contradicted yourself saying "The Earth is warmer, but the Sun is also a ton warmer than it ever has been in recorded history. "

isn't that global warming?
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You basically just contradicted yourself saying "The Earth is warmer, but the Sun is also a ton warmer than it ever has been in recorded history. "

isn't that global warming?[/b]
I guess it could be read that I contradicted myself. What I mean is the Sun has a ton more to do with why the Earth is warmer than anything that man is doing. Hence, the term, Solar warming. Yes, it is warmer here but I think it is caused by all the eruptions in the sunspots. Now, ain't nobody gonna tell me that man is the cause of the Sun getting hotter than it ever has been in recorded history. A fellow worker has a journal from his Uncle, who in the late 1920's has entries about the same exact type of weather we are having now. So, hopefully, this is just a strange weather pattern that will soon be broken.
There was a study released by MIT last spring that found temperatures on all the other planets were heating up, too. Now, I maybe wrong, but if I buy a couple of flourescent bulbs, get a hybrid car, and take up cross-country skiing, I don't think Mercury and Mars is going to cool off....Earth either, for that matter.

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