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Some pics from Sat. when we went out to Nordegg(West of Rocky Mountain House,AB). I had worked out there before, but had not snowmobiled there. We had planned to go to Forst Saskatchewan, but the highways were pretty slick. Stopped at the Polaris dealer to get a new air intake screen for my buddy's RMK. Guy there said he was out at Nordegg the weekend before and it was wicked......he definitley didn't go the same Nordegg we did. :devil_angry:lol. The closer we seemed to get, the more snow there was. Untill we got about a mile out and it all seemed to disapear, nice. Snow was good on the trail up, except for the summit, it was bald. Hence the name Baldy Mountain. But, thats basically all there was, that we could find. Just narrow trails throught the bush that went for miles, not cool. Was a shorter drive than Fort Sask., but were kickin ourselves in the butt's now. Oh well, filled a day up

Nothin special just somethin to look at

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