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Hello everyone, I 2018 was my first season for riding the VAST trails. My wife and I borrowed two '03 F7 SP's from a family friend and had a blast. She's been riding the trails for the last 15yrs. I've only ridden in open fields so trails are new to me. I got a partial nod to go ahead and get a couple sleds that we will need to trailer. We both grew up on dirt bikes. I held off doing sleds for most of my 30yrs because its expensive, I have no friends that have places up north and I hated the cold. I realized last year with the correct gear cold weather doesn't entirely matter. We have a few family friends up north so we can crash with them. I'm a taller guy at 6 2 an fitting on a F7 was brutal let alone my size 13 feet didn't fit in the boot wells and when they were in it took finesse to get them out. I couldn't slide my feet back much since the foot rails weren't wide enough and my boots would ride on the lip. Seat was a little low so trying to transition from sitting to a standing position for bumps was impossible. Needless to say I'm looking for newer sleds that allow a little better fitment and comfort along with them having some of the usual creature comforts. I'll be looking for ZR 7000s or 9000s, pricing dependent. I like the 2 stroke smell but finding a 2 stroke that isn't close to a rebuild isn't easy i've found. So 4 stroke it is :)

Oh and my FIL said Arctic Cat otherwise I can go find others to ride with馃槀

I already had another post up asking about trim levels as I'm a little confused.

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