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I've aligned my front end plastic, polished the aluminum, shortened the limiter strap 1" on top hole, dropped front shock in rear suspension a bit and ran the front shocks up further, drilled 2 small drain holes behind the windshield on the headlight pod, aligned the skis, added a belt holder, tightened the ski loops, put high temp silicon on exhaust springs, and put studboy deuces on the skis. Still going to remove rear blocks and install extra set of idler wheels. I never before have bought a first year model of anything, as I like ANY manufacturer of anything to work the bugs out first. Usually buy 2nd or 3rd year production items.

With all that said, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this sled all over again. It just rides that nice! As you can see in the pic to the left, let my wife ride it before most of that was done and had to get her an F5, she loved my F6.
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