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Welcome to the world of Cats.

I also have a 07 f6 LXR and really like the sled, there has been a few issues in the cornering department that I have noticed and the best thing to do regarding this is to replace the crappy offset carbides that come on the sled.
Some have run true Dooley’s, while others (including myself) switched to single shaper bars, now the sled rails through the corners.

Generally from what I have read the 6 seems to have the fewest issues, whereas the big iron 800's and 1000's have seemed to have more issues.

Check as many fasteners as you can, as many have reported finding bolts missing or loose, fortunately my dealer must have done a great job doing that as of 600 miles on mine and nothing loose yet.

Arctic apv oil is what I run in the Cat, once the machine is broke in then I suppose I could switch as I run Klotz in our Doo.

Break in should be extra apv oil mixed in the first tank, when riding try to not maintain one speed, try to constantly vary your rpm, occasional wide open throttle bursts are allowed but sustained full throttle under break in is to be avoided.

The service manual should be available from Cat as I thought I saw it listed in their accessory catalog, if not check ebay.

I have ridden a few yami 4 strokes, you will really like the ride of this Cat, those 4 stroke yami engines really are nice, but I think the new ride will really impress your lower back.

Read some of the other posts from others regarding issues they have had, I have been lucky as my sled has not had these problems.

One other thing to mention that others have reported, I do notice a small mark that is on the lower A arm where it can hit the bulkhead, some have reported gouges there, I do notice a minor rub, but nothing too serious, and I have bashed quite a few big moguls at high speed when putting this sled through it’s early performance tests.
All in all it is a great sled..
Good luck with yours!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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