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New boot's

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Hello all,
Putting new boot's on the ole girl.....
What size it the front axle nut on a new 03 400i 4 by 4?
Thanks in advance for your help,
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it can be a few diff sizes, depends on the brand of axle, some are 15/16s some are like 27mm, some are 30mm and 31mm, also seen 32mm. 1-1/16 or 1-3/16 something like that, might be best to use an adjustable wrench, fit it tight, remove it and measure the gap accurately on the wrench.

It's tough for someone to give you an accurate size on them because i personally have encounters 3-5 sizes of axle nuts for a 2004 400i 4x4.
We'll this kne happens to be a 30mm...crazy how the sizes are all over the board!
Some manufacturers use a flange nut/castle nut, some use a washer and a nyloc, it's really odd that they all use diff sizes but when you buy a new castle nut for OEM axle its $25 for 1 castle nut, it makes sense why some suppliers use other methods of axle stub securement.

I prefer gorilla axles method myself, nyloc nut and a washer, torqued to 80-90ft/lbs, so much better than oem castle nut torque to 200ft/lb with a cotter pin.

I've even seen small castle nuts with a big washer, and big flange castle nuts.

Glad you got it sorted out at least, I've found the adjustable wrench & measure trick is handy if you don't have a caliper on hand.
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