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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know about some new billet products we are offering, Billet Brake Lever's, Billet Brake Reservoir Covers, and the large size billet gas caps. We are not making these products in house, but we have had a lot of requests for them so we ordered some samples of all of these products and we were very impressed with the quality of them so we have decided added them to our website.

To add a personal touch to them we are offering all of these products in powder coated versions, this we are doing in house so all of the colors we currently have will be available, and I think the products look really good with the color/billet mixture.

Since we are now an AMP dealer we will probably add more of there products to our website, and also offer these with our powder coating option.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to send me a PM or email to [email protected], and visit our website for more information.



Note: the brake res cover looks a little different for A/C but I only had a picture of the Doo one, but it gives you an idea of how the color fits in. And the large A/C gas caps will be powder coated the same way as the blue on in the picture.

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