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New Alterra 600 LTD head gasket

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Ok, I purchased a new 2023 Alterra 600 Ltd on 5/15/23, it was left at dealer for some goodies to be installed.. grip heaters, winch remote, and rack extenders. They delivered the quad on 5/18. I ride it up and down the driveway and around the yard a couple times. I don't think I ever exceeded 14 mph. The next morning while showing my nephew it, we discovered it was leaking oil pretty good. Overnight there was a 4 inch wet spot under it, and after looking around it, all I could tell was it oil completely covered the starter, and that's where it was dripping off of. It has 1 mile on it.

I called the dealer, and explained the situation. Their service is awesome, and had a trailer at my house in 38 minutes to pick it up (5/19). 2 hours later they called to inform me the head gasket was leaking. Just externally, oil and coolant never cans into contact.

Their best guess is the head bolts were never torqued to spec when assembled.

They contacted their Arctic Cat rep, and told me they were expediting a new head gasket and something else right away.

My question is, what should I be concerned about? Has anyone else run into this issue? How fast is Arctic Cat at resolving things like this with getting parts out to dealers ?

Could this cost me on a future trade in?
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It’s all good. Sounds like you caught it in time and Cat/Textron is making it right.
Went by my dealer today. It wasn't lack of head bolt being torqued. They got a bit happy and snapped one. Dealer found this gem sitting nearby.
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Must have been a faulty bolt. The assembly process is pretty well regulated and torque wrenches get calibrated on a regular basis.
Probably. But I try to put myself in that situation and can't imagine not knowing it happened. The tool would have spun up when it snapped. Or a hand torque ratchet would have given way. Unless the builder is in a very fast paced stressed position.

Anyhow, it'll truly be better than new when I get it back.. lol.
Well, they delivered back to me. They replaced all 4 head bolts, the gasket, and flushed and refilled the coolant system.

While it was in there I ordered a synthetic type for the winch.. and they installed it and gave it to me for free! Really great guys at my dealer!
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