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They were $260 for a set, called MassFX. Squarer tire design than Bighorns. They are wearing nicely and have very little wear (currently 1300 miles). I had 3000+ on the Bighorns before selling them with the old 550 and decided to get these to save $$$ for other upgrades. Glad I got them, I’m liking them so far.
Terrain I use them is mainly dirt and gravel with some mud, and they pull through the mud pretty well too. IMO they grip better than the Bighorns (and Sedona Rip Saws which I had) because of the square tire style.
I’ll probably make a video on them in the future.

MassFX tires

Sedona Rip Saw and Maxxis Bighorns

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Those look identical to my Traxion Grippers, except mine are 8 ply. i Wonder if Massfx is made by Traxion. In any case if they are anything like the Traxion ones, the grip of that tread pattern is very good and they last a long time like the big horns too.

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