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i have a 96 zrt600 and im having a problem with it. im not getting any spark anymore. last year and the earlier this year when i brought it out of storage it took forever to start. now when i try it i can pull and pull until i cant pull on it anymore. well we ended up checkin to see if i was getting fuel which i am and if im getting spark. im no longer getting spark. i dont have a book or anything on this sled so im not sure what the meter is suppose to read when we go to test the stator. i actually dont know how to test the stator on it. (if its anything like it is on my raptor then ill know how to do it). also is there a way that i can check the coils to see if they are good? if anyone has any other ideas as to why i might not have any spark please let me know. we have had snow here for a month now and i havent gotten to take the sled out yet and im kinda gettin a lil mad.

thanks for any help tho
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