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Hello everyone - I have an 03 f7 with the following mods:
- BMP 800 kit
- BMP fat *** pipe
- BMP y pipe
- 1.5 timing key
- v force reeds
- clutch kit per BMP
- stock can
- power commander v map per BMP

I am having two issues: sled starts fine in the morning, temp was -20f. I idle the sled for min 5 mins. Hop on and the sled falls on its face when trying to accelerate. It took quite sometime to warm up and not have this issue. I called BMP and they think it is lean and suggested adding to the map. Has anyone experienced this?

Second issue is a dead spot at 1/8 to 1/6 throttle position. This too could be a lean condition.

Does any forum member have a 2003 f7 with bmp 800 kit map for a power commander v with the mods I have?

Second - does anyone know if the stock f7 adjust the fuel map when the engine is cold? Or does the fuel map only depend on incoming air temperature? From memory, I believe there is a resistor in the air box to tell the ECU the outside air temp

Any help would be appreciated
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