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Changing or flipping track is not to hard. Set parking brake, pull both side panels, pull clutch guard,belt and secondary clutch. Make sure you account for shims on back of secondary, they may be stuck in dd. Go to brake side of sled, remove 5/8" brake bolt. This will be hard the first time, it has blue loctite on it just be sure to reloctite bolt when installing and torque to 70 ft lbs. Flip sled onto brake side, make sure you put something under it to avoid scratching the hood. Almost forgot before you flip the sled on its side loosen track tension. Remove rubber piece on upper portion of dd. (sits between dd and plate behind primary clutch) When reinstalling rubber piece spray with some kind of lube this will help it slide back into place. Remove six 1/2" nuts on dd. Cut zip tie on speedo wire. Use a pry bar a put a small amount of preasure under the dd from inside the tunnel, it should pop up. Then pull dd up and unplug sppeedo wire. On the other side of tunnel (on inside) Remove five nuts that hold on brake assembly, and drop down. You may want to remove skid frame before this. Once skid frame is removed and drive shaft assembly is dropped down the track can be removed. It would be helpful to have a extra set of hand when doing this. When installing the dd nut torque them to 20 ft lbs. Hopefully this help you out, if you have any ? pm me. I think this is eveything, if not I am sure somebody will correct me.

Have fun!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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