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Great sleds from everything I've heard...........I haven't got to take mine out in anything over 1 Ft yet.

I'm assuming you want the carbed so you can easily adjust for pipes & other add ons? It's a good idea for that, but the EFI is nice & with a Boondocker box, you can still make all the adjustments you need for pipes and should be able to pick up some numbers from whoever manufactured the pipe you bought.

The '05s & '06s need the Holz Racing Brackets (front torque arm relocation kit). This helps out big time! if you get an '06, the valving will be fine, if an '05 they should probably get revalved to 06 specs.

The A20 isn't great............most opt out for the Challenger or Maverick. I've heard that some thing the A20 in hillclimb is almost as good as the Challenger, but no first hand experience with that.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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