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Holzman makes an Attac system that installs on an M7 with carbs. You have to change the main jet to a -40 setting, then the system adjusts for temperature, and altitude. You don't have to touch yourjets after that. Throttle response is crisp, without the bog many M7 owners disliked about the EFI model.

I liked the chassis and handling on my '05 EFI well enough that I bought an '06 holdover with carbs. So far everything is great, and I have rode in temps from -25 to +5 degrees, and a wide range of elevations. The fuel consumption with carbs is also WAY less than the EFI.

As for trade in value, you get screwed anytime you sell a used sled, so I might as well buy one I am happy with while I own it. It was also nearly a thousand less to buy in the first place.
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