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Recently purchased a 99 ZRT 800. Would like some suggestions on tuning this sled up a little. It hauls pretty good but looking for a little something extra. It is all stock except for D+D power breather. What would you guys do first on this sled?? Primary, Secondary, Pipes, muffler, Reeds, Shave heads??? I dont really know what would give me the best bang for my buck and I can't afford to do it all. Also it shifts at 8200, is that high enough for this sled. Engages at 3200. I'm interested in starting these mods in the spring. I know one thing I want to do is polish the tunnel and I don't like the look of those three huge pipes under the hood was thinking of having them ceramic coated in a funky orange colour. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated. I see and read about lots of extras, which brands are best. Looking forward to your opinions.



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Got an 00 ZRT 800.

First of all, I had a big problem with low end richness and fouling. Turned out I had
pinched/plugged carb breather hoses from the flatslides into the airbox. It took a
dealer to find that problem, then the sled really woke up. Just something to watch for
if you have carb breathers going into the airbox.

I did a bunch of mods and fixes all at once, so don't know what really made this
thing crazy fast.

Bought ported cyclinders and shaved heads off ebay. Put a thunder products heavy hitter
adjustable flyweight kit in the primary, along with a very heavy spring. Put a 48-44 helix
in secondary. Raised the engagement from about 3500 to 5000. Shifts a little high right
now at 8900, trying to bring it down to about 8300-8400, where the engine is supposed to
make its best horsepower, at least with stock porting. Right now I'm fighting to keep the
rpms down on the top without lowering the engagement rpms. I'm hoping that I can do
it with the secondary, and that the high rpms aren't due to belt slippage. More weight on the
flyweights will no doubt lower my engagement.

Have V-Force reeds. They self destruct pretty fast in this engine, from my experience and from
what I have read and heard from my dealer. Have had good luck with Boyesons in stock reed
cage. They have held up quite well in my 900 tcat. Will probably go that route when my
V-Force petals break apart again.

Have read nothing but bad about cans. They may save weight, but generally make you lose
power, not gain, and give snowmobilers a bad rep with the public. I have pipes on one sled
(Wildcat Mod 800 Overbore) into stock can. Pipes do make a difference. But Please stick them
into a stock can.

Would really like to race a stock ZRT 800, on a legit track, of course, to see if it really is faster
or just seems like it.

Probably easiest way to get more power, besides pipes, would be to find a 900 or 1000 top end and just bolt it on, and tinker with the clutches a little.
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