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So a group of us spent the last three days riding in the mountains.
A total of 16 sleds in our group.
It was dep powder all weekend, and it just seem to snow more and more.
I could not walk from one sled to another parked just 20 feet apart it was so deep.
Most riding was in the 5500 to 7000 foot elevations.
I took my new M1000....yes it has a few mods including nitrous.
Anyways I rode several of the sleds as we switched around.
Here is a brief report of the ones i rode the past 3 days.
A yamaha phazer mtn sled was along.....what a piece of handles so poorly no one wanted to ride it long, they just wanted off that thing.
We broke 2 switches on it and no one knows how....just looking at the broken pieces the plastic looks to be of very poor quality....yami missed the mark by a mile IMO with this sled.
It was also extremely underpowered, and everyone complained about the conststant spray of snow in their face while riding it.
I rode both the M8 sleds along.....okay sleds, but they are not as snappy as i had hoped.
The sole new 2007 rev 800along was the fancy new xrs model.....I was very impressed by it.
It climbed well, and was great boondocking in the trees.....I am a Cat loyalist, but damn If i ever switch that would be my new ride.
The new 700 dragon Poo was a pathetic gutless, ill handling piece of crap.
Also rode the new apex in our feels to be about the same weight as my Ford F150.
But i do like never need to brake on the way down, just a lot of motor hold back.
It climbs okay if the hill is wide open, but anything requiring finesse and its just a heavy pig!
I do like the apex on the trail up to the cabin though.
I would rate it #1 on the trail that was groomed.
Along was a new crossfire 1000....dang its fun, but of course in the deep it got stuck immediately even on flat ground unless it was pinned all the time.....but hey its a short track, so overall it did okay.
And it would easily outclimb the phazer even though yami claims the phazer in our group is a mountain sled.
My M1000 did okay.
Its fun to ride especially now that the happy button is hooked up...but its too damn front heavy.
I still say IMO that my M7 will beat the new M1000.
The M7 is just so light and easy to toss around.
I can barely wait to finish my turbo M7.

Oh ya and the gas line right out of the tank was loose on my M1000 causing it to have a fuel leak.
Took about 4 turns to tighten the clamp up.
Overall the sleds were ridden by men big and small, a couple of ladies, and 4 teens ranging from 13 to 18.
All in the group gave pros and cons to all the sleds, except for the phazer, which was unanimously hated by all.....this is just impressions from a three day ride, not meant to start a war.
If you like your sled, whatever you ride, that is really all that ride hard and enjoy everyone.

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It's fun when you can ride several different sleds in a day. It really allows one to see first hand the differences in each sled. Thanks for the good post!


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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (kerry3eb @ Jan 7 2007, 05:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
send pics![/b]
I only shot with my pro NIKON this if you need pics send me the cash to make you copies and cover postage.
I am tired of digital for anything moving fast.
Digital is good i find for slow or still things....quick sleds and powder busting are still film shoots IMO.

If you find a digital that matches my F100 and 80-200 F2.8 lens let me know.
I bought a D50, and D100 body, and both have slow shutter response IMO comapred to my pro film cams.

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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (timjpeterson @ Jan 7 2007, 11:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
It's fun when you can ride several different sleds in a day. It really allows one to see first hand the differences in each sled. Thanks for the good post!

I have to say the more I ride the Doo 800 revs the more i like them....still a little spooky IMO on the steep descents....but they boondock better than any other sled made, and climb as well as well as the M8 and almost as good as the M1000....on the trails i think the Doo has a slight edge as well.
I really had to ride to outclimb the 800 rev with my M1000.....until I opened the bottle and then it would easily beat the rev....but he was stock other than a single pipe and NOS is a rather unfair advantage.
And man I loved that rev in the meadows and trees :beer_cheers:
If a person could lower the center of gravity on the new phazer about 16 inches, and add 120 hp to it then maybe it would be fun to....oh ya and stop the dreaded snow spray you get on it to.
Oh well at least the yami engineers have lots of work to keep them busy.
I was shocked though....the Apex was light years ahead of the RX 1 TON......then they slide way back with the phazer.
I still want to try a regular ( non mountain) phazer on the trails and see how it rides.
It looks to maybe have the potential to be a decent trail sled....just not suited to bottomless powder, and not enough grunt to really climb any hills.
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