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I just wanted to give my opinion of my 04 mxz 800 I got on saturday. First off I am not here to bash, just give my expirence (sp). ALL sled manufacturers have there problems. Ask me about my oil cap leak. Second, Iput 5000 miles on my f5 and 150 on my ski-doo. I can tell you the rev chassis feels awsome throught the rough stuff, if you are going straight. The skis on this thing SUCK big time ( c&a's coming). I really didn't know how rough the firecat chassis was on my body until I switched up with my buddies 04 f7. There is a huge differance cassis feel. The sled ALWAYS flys straight and true. Now for the AC gold. My new mxz looks like a troll (think about it). It gets 10 mpg on the hammer. If you are taller than me 5'6" (HA) you are going to be cramped. The windshield sucks. The reason I bought this sled is--- I wasn't going to spend 8k+ for anew ac sled. My dealer MAY be going belly up. And I didn't want a firecat again ( wanted to try something differant) The rev also has push button reverse that adds only a little weight. IMO ski doo has it going on -------Again I stikll have an Ac sticker on my truck and I'm not bashing
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