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Had a great time at the races yesterday (Lake nepessing). Ran my new little twin with 96 ice chisels and was very impressed and could not be happier with the way it ran.Very pleased with my $1500.00 purchase!Below are a few videos.#1 is me against a couple other sleds...cats, i did pretty good and it shows the sled is no slouch.
#2 is against what seemed to be a mostly stock new 1100 turbo, studded also. As you can see , for 500 feet or a little problem.After that, hang on to your bars tight...he's coming!
#3 is against a well prepared turbo.I held my own for a bit, but after 70mph or so....holy crap!!
Cant wait to chisel my big sled up and see what happens.I am sure i will hold them off longer, but i dont see any non turbo sled competing on top end with these things. So, to put it mildly....i was exrtemely inpressed with the new iron speed.But in 500 or 660, there is still plenty of old iron that can run with em.


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