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WOW. Seemed like a totally different sled. Everything from the engagement feel, to how it seemed to throttle quicker on quick chops on the throttle, to right around 2-4mph track speed increase in long pulls. I really havent fine tuned anything, i set the spring tension at .400" at the truck, and it seemed to do okay, but maybe stressing the motor a bit, so i gave it a little tweak tighter, and ran it the rest of the day.
Conditions were about -15*, clear sky and sun shining, somewhat windblown snow...The untouched was soft, tracks were ultra hard, by far the best day ive had so far. I toasted a belt 1.5 km's from the truck on the trail ride, and was a bit concerned that maybe it had something to do with the kit. But put the spare on and went back to the truck, then ripped home to get the new belt and head back out. Not a issue at all after that.
It was a pretty penny to spend, but the man knows his stuff for sure. Couldn't be anymore pleased with the sled then i was today.
As for his track tension fix idler wheels, they seemed to do their job, suspension seemed to work much more fluid over the gruesom trail down the other side of the valley. Even with the sled going nose high all the time and all over the place going up the bowls, i still got compliments on the way the M7 was working, even with my greenhorn riding abilities, which meant alot considering i was the only Cat on the hill.
Gotta give Ron at SledJunky's props, he knows his stuff.
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