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I don't know if anyone had seen me posting about removing the mechanical power valves on my 1999 440 sp the other day. thank you for anyone who had replied to it, you just saved me from a rebuild. what was still in one piece of the valve came out as it should have but as soon as i removed the cover on the side where the brake sits i noticed that there was no spring behind the coved as well on the clutch side the spring was missing and all the valves were snaped clean off :boohoo: and just sitting in the ports , luckly enough they hadn't hit the pistons yet . for anybody that is looking for the update kit i suppose ebay is a good place to find them i got mine for 300 + s & h and it is all brand new ( i couldn't believe the kit lists somewhere around $550 ) the part no. is 0637-186 . it includes everything you should need minus the gaskets and springs if you decide to replace them ( i did ) . while im at it was there any other common issues that i may have over looked with this? compression is still good , im assuming when i get the valve update in i'll be good to go .
thanks for everything , you all saved my butt :chug:
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