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mud pro

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how do you take the mud pro snorkel covers off. Wanting to fill up my radiator
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You should be able to check the rad. without taking off the cover. Stick your hand under left front fender with cold engine,you can get the cap off andstick your finger in to feel for coolant. If you have to add there is 2 long screws in the handel bar side of the snoorkel that have to come out along with 4 plastic clips that hold down the cover under it. Pull the snoorkel straight up off the 3 tubes then the bottom cover. Take your time putting the snookel over the tubes and lining them up in the snoorkel. It is not hard,but kind of a pain. You may want to change the 2 front clips in the front cover to bolts and nuts. The clips would not stay in for me and the snoorkel would bounce around.
The four lower bolts and two torx bolts the run from the back to the front. Then slid a screw driver (flat) in the tabs towards the top to unlock them or pull it up as a whole
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