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More Connecting at the Hatfield McCoy Trails

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Hatfield McCoy just keeps getting better! The Hatfield McCoy Trail Authority is in the process of connecting the Rockhouse Trail to the Buffalo Mountain Trail. Even though this has been in their plans for a long time, they are actually in the process of doing it now. Part of the trail connector is being prepared. From the Rockhouse Trail, you will be able to travel to the Hatfield Cemetery which has the grave of Devil Anse Hatfield and other members of the Hatfield clan. Then you ride on to the Buffalo Mountain Trail. From what I hear, it should be ready by early summer! Looking forward to this new addition to the trail system! It should be a great addition! EXCITED to say the least!!
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A quick update on a little information that we found out Friday about the conncector:

On Friday afternoon, February 6, we talked to an HM dozer man that had been working on a couple areas of the Rockhouse Trail. He had worked here everyday this week. Even though we knew that he wasn't working on the connector (because of the location of the dozer), we knew that he would probably have information on the connector. The HM employee said that he was not doing the work on the trail. But another dozer man would be working on the connector. The other dozer man WOULD be working two days a week on the new Rockhouse Connector. The work on the connector continues. Even though we wish they would devote more than two days a week to the connector, the work is being done! To us, this is good news! Let's just hope for more good weather. The better the weather, the more work that gets done.
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