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So since we still have no snow, I am still dinking around with the sled. I pulled the primary and it has an orange (or maybe orange/white, hard to tell) spring and 52g weights. I still haven't got the secondary off, but I took it apart on the jackshft and it has a yellow spring with a 52/58 degree helix. Also, the kid I bought it from is running 340 main jets. I know these are not stock components. The sled has stock pipes. Stock is a yellow/white primary spring with 54g weights and a 55 degree helix with yellow secondary spring, with 360 mains for my altitude.
What I am wondering is, what exactly do I have? This all started because I got worried about the 340 mains, I thought typically a sled would be jetted fatter for a clutch kit. Then I got to thinking that it would depend what a person wanted to achieve with the kit. And I have no idea what the components he installed will do.
I wouldn't worry so much about it, but some of the other issues that have come up with the sled and trailer since I bought it really have me wondering if the guy I bought it from had any clue what he was doing. And if we ever do get any snow, I want to make sure I can ride and not just melt a piston or two. So here's the deal, the springs, weights, and helix are in decent shape, I just don't know what effect they'll have on the motor. So if someone has any experience with clutching one of these sleds and can help me out, that'd be great. Otherwise, the whole thing is going back to stock and I'll take it from there. 125 HP, at my age, is plenty without tweaking stuff and risking a meltdown.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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