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Wanting to make a fourm on mileage as I haven’t found any others, for the arctic cat riot sleds 2018 and newer. As well as any other Ctec 2 motors. How many miles do y’all have on you 800 sleds? Any issues?
I just hit 1,000 and wondering how the reliability is in the 800s as the 600s seem good.
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There are plenty of examples of the Ctec-2 600 engines going 8000+ miles without issue. I have run 2 of them personally up to 6600 miles and just under 8000 miles before I sold the sleds. The 600 is very solid and I wouldn't hesitate to own another one.

I have a riding buddy that is currently at 8800 miles on his '18 Ctec-2 800 engine. Outside of preventative maintenance, he's never touched it. Obviously, the 800's have been more inconsistent- especially between 2018 - 2020. Some required reflashing, others were perfectly calibrated out of the crate. Most have been very durable, but a few had issues.

I still think the Suzuki 800 was probably one of the best 2 stroke engines ever built. They seem to last forever.....


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