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Wanting to make a fourm on mileage as I haven’t found any others, for the arctic cat riot sleds 2018 and newer. As well as any other Ctec 2 motors. How many miles do y’all have on you 800 sleds? Any issues?
I just hit 1,000 and wondering how the reliability is in the 800s as the 600s seem good.
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Roughly 5k on my 2016 600. Runs like new. Changed the plugs once and cleaned the exhaust valves 3 times (every other year).
It is now relegated to a backup sled.

600 miles on my new 2023 800. Motor is strong. Getting the clutch looked at by the dealer. See how it works after that.
Very nice, I know the clutching is very loud on my 800.
When you say "loud", what do you mean exactly?
ohhhhh, LOL.... thats normal. It's the belt tension / idler bearing.
My 19 never made any whining noises so I wouldn't say it's normal.
It doesn’t do it all the time, only just off engagement to about 10 mph. If you take off hard and go faster than that you probably won’t hear it.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts