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Wanting to make a fourm on mileage as I haven’t found any others, for the arctic cat riot sleds 2018 and newer. As well as any other Ctec 2 motors. How many miles do y’all have on you 800 sleds? Any issues?
I just hit 1,000 and wondering how the reliability is in the 800s as the 600s seem good.
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2017 ZR6000RS
-9500 miles perfect
Factory long block installed just because.
aprox 16,500 miles now.
-stator replaced at 16,000
-original Team Clutch with new weights & spring

Friend Member DVW
-24,000 miles
Never touched other than stator at 22,000
Hopefully he will chime in with details

I sincerely hope that Arctic does not change much with this engine. It's about as perfect as can be now.
We can split hairs, but this could be the finest 2 stroke ever.
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Great write up DVW!
Similar experience with my ZR6000RS.
However, I did install a long block at 9500 miles for preventative maintenance.
New chain & tensioner, clutch springs & weights, & chain case bearings replaced at 9500 for preventative maintenance.
Original clutches now have 16,000+ miles with no fractures or uneven wear.
Only initial quality situation was the spun drive shaft bearing.
New shaft, bearing, and drive shaft saver installed at 6500 miles. Will replace caliper bearing this season.

Power valves have always been a little sticky to clean.
Key is to have a hot engine when removing.

With basic maintenance, and proper warm up protocol, the C-Tec2 600 is an excellent machine.
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