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i have been having fuel problems, and thought that i had eliminated the carbeurator as a problem. I believe my carb is a mikuni vm32, but am not positive. Evidently i was wrong in thinking so. I was wondering if anybody knows where to get kits of just the "O" rings for mikuni carbs, or if you have to buy the whole package of new jets, with the rings, etc. All of my jets are perfectly fine, but i suspect that since there is air getting into my fuel line from the carbeurator side, and that it will only run when im putting fuel in the carb, that the o-rings are no good, and are allowing air in. The fuel pump will pump fuel into the system quite willingly, but the carb will not allow the air bubble to dissipate right beside it, and when i remove that air bubble and replace the line on the carb, it allows air back into the line as soon as it starts back up. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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