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I had my belly pan off for the first time tonight after putting 500 miles on the sled. I noticed that the wires ruuning back from the ecu had managed to get to close to the exaust through the recoil access hole and had melted the outer harness coating. It wasn't melted through any of the wire coating yet but another 100 miles and it would have been.

Is any one else seeing this?

I am a loayal cat fanatic but I am really started to get bummed about the shoty craftsmanship I have had in my last two sleds.

I am gonna call them tommorow if you have any complaints please call them too! 800-279-6851 monday thru friday 8-5 CT.

Please post if you call Cat or would like more contact info for Cat ... I am sure I can come up with some E-mail addreses but I have to know your an action person and not just a talker.
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