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I have a 2001 Mountain Cat/ZR 800 twin complete engine that I fab'd into an airboat. It ran amazing and won some races agains 220hp 6 cylinder aircraft engines. I got bored with that project (and most airboaters I found out are d!cks) and sold everything but the engine.

I'm now thinking of putting it into a cafe' racer chassis or possibly the world most powerful scooter. :wacko:

Being a true Floridiot... err I mean Floridian, I know almost nothing about snowmobiles and their clutching system/primary drive.

I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to throw me a bone.

From looking at the service manual it looks relatively easy to setup the driven and drive clutches. The toughest part would be the bracket and framing holding the driven clutch/jack shaft/sprocket and rear wheel.

Any input? I dunno

Heres a video of the boats first run.
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