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I got this crazy idea -- since I can't ride (healing collarbone... maybe March), I'm going to make a video & photo essay of the snowmobiling life and winter fun. eekkk

We all get a bit tired of hearing people dis winter... time to document just how much fun it is!

The "Snowmobiling Experience" portion will be the longest (some on c/c skiing, for example). I'll do brief interviews asking folks what they like about snowmobiling, what they do out on the trails, and what they like about winter -- and get video & pics of them riding a little, loading / unloading, hanging out, whatever (Rated "G", no stunts, nothing crazy).

This is an experiment -- though I've been a producer before, I never actually shot and edited my own work before. The finished piece (maybe 15 minutes, or a bit longer) would be posted on the Internet (YouTube, with a link here on HCS). Being it's just a hobby, there is no deadline.

If anyone sees me with my camera please introduce yourself, and if I can get some footage of anyone riding or hanging out, etc., or talking about why they love to ride, all the better! I'll be dressed as shown in my avatar (orange can be real helpful when standing just off the trail with a tripod). :cold:

See you up there! Cat happy


...and to think I moved to Pittsburgh last Spring to make it easier to snowmobile the Laurel Highlands. Oh well!
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