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Well, it was time to tear down and replace my left side upper and lower a-arms. Both were bent back into shape enough to run it, but the lower sintered bushings were shot, and unable to be replaced as is. I also have a pair of replacement belly pans that i thought id finally toss on since i needed to tear it all down anyways. I decided to drill and tap a hole for a grease nipple in the upper control arm, at the bulkhead. It pushed grease out each side of the bushing ends, and appeared to be coating the sleeve surface. Im gonna run it like this, and grease it regularly like all other joints, and see if theres some benifit. The same could be done for the outer upper, but its easy to just pull the bolt, and re-grease it by hand once in a while. Ill post up some pics for anyone who would like to see that doesnt quite know what im talking about. Its simple as pie really, just gotta have it apart once to do it. We shall see!

Thanks for readin, Brian
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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