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In stead of changing your skis loosen your limiter strap on the rear can even give the front shock[rear] a turn or too tighter.It makes a big difference.[/b]
Move the skis in before you loosen the limiter strap. When you loosen the limiter strap it lowers the skid and worsens the approach angle. Its surprising how much difference one hole on that limiter strap effects how well the sled gets up on top of the snow. Personally when I ride out west I prefer to loosen the front shock spring a few turns, suck the limiter strap up all the way and move the skis to the narrowest. Still handles great on the trail as the front end is more planted with more weight transfer to the front, planes out on top of the snow like a dream, and is super easy to carve. I also have a 2 wheel kit and the front outside idlers are removed. Most guys when they get on mine in the deep have a tendency to tip it all the way over the first time cause its turns over easier them most.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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