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so I.....

a. cleaned the power valves

b. replaced the gaskets

c. i've adjusted the cables within spec for the valves... 34.5mm i believe

d. tested my APV servo motor with a 12v battery both directions

e. checked the resistance with a multi meter with the 2k ohms to 5k ohms.....

f. was told the motor needed to cycle upon startup(which it didn't) so i bit the bullet and bought a new/used motor for $150.

Still have the light flashing.... (anyone wanna buy a servo motor?)

any thoughts? Reflash of the ECU? timing issues? can i do that on an '05?

I did just rebuild the motor but don't know what would be associated with that that may cause the servo motor light to flash...

thanks for any ideas, i'm out of ideas and about broke on this project...
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