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Well, the M-10 finally showed up today! It is an older model, Briget at FAST told me it is a metric(?). The numbers on the front torque arm brackets are 4029 & 4030, if that helps you guys know what I have. The seller didn't send instructions, but I was able to get them from FAST. All the parts seem to be present, and the install doesn't look terribly difficult. I am just wondering if anyone out there has done this before and can offer any hints/tips, especially as far as what the driveshaft/stock front arm location is (short/forward, deep/forward, short/rear, or deep/rear). Or if there is anyone is the Twin Cities who will work for beer!
Also, he didn't send me an owners manual, so I am gonna be pretty clueless as far as setting this thing up once I get it installed.
Thanks in advance-
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