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Hi all,

I have a 2000 Arctic Cat ZRT-800. The sled starts from cold with no problem. It idles fine, it tops out at 50 MPH with the throttle pinned. It will also randomly shutdown on me. Not an abrupt shutoff, but more like a gradual rev down and shutoff. After it shutsdown it won't start again for about 5 minutes at which time it'll start right up on the first pull. I've tested the stator and pulser coils both of which read within spec. I've also replaced the spark plugs.

I'm looking for any ideas people may have as to what's causing these symptoms. I'm going to get one more crack at fixing it this season so I'd like to make it count.



P.S. I think I originally posted this in the wrong area. My apologies there, if I can figure out how to delete the original post I will.
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